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Can You Really Get Paid to Test Products, Or Is It Just A Scam?

The short answer is Yes, there are quite a few companies on the net that pay you to answer surveys. There are many sites out there that are legitimate. Among those, some are better than others.

But there are some that are scams. Actually, if you think about it, just about anything can be a scam, so when you’re on the net, you have to be cautious, but don’t let that stop you from trying at all.

This site (that you are reading) does not send out any surveys. It does not ask you for any information at all. The main intention is to furnish you with information and ratings of some selected survey sites, so that you can avoid the ones that are a waste of time (or worse).

The scams that I have read about and experienced have been relatively harmless. Some of the ones I have seen reported by disgruntled people, are just misunderstandings.

Some people get really, really upset.

(Inexperienced internet users can have a variety of problems. For example, replies from a website can get eaten by spam filters. Sometimes the surveys they are sent get eaten, too). AOL is notorious for this. If you use AOL, I recommend that you sign up for a quality email service, like Gmail ( or Yahoo mail (

Some sites just want to build a mailing list to pelt you with special offers. These sites are not on my favorites list.

I personally only answer surveys occasionally. I have made quite a bit of extra spending money.

I do know that some people put much more effort into this than I have and make a lot more. The sites listed on this site are legitimate.

Some of them are very well known companies like Neilsen Net Ratings (TV networks use Neilsen ratings to tell how well a show is doing and how much to charge for advertising). There is a link to their site (which does surveys on many subjects besides TV) on the free list of survey sites page.

Some Things That Leave A Bad First Impression:

When you go to a site that has a popup saying “Congratulations!” they’re trying to sell you something . (This site has no popups).

If you have to apply for “offers” in order to join.

Paid Product Testing Scam Warnings And Tips
The most common survey site scam is to promise to send you surveys and instead, you get bombarded with special offers and ads.

It’s an easy way for unscrupulous people to generate a large mailing list. They may even sell your email address to others. Because of this, it’s a good idea to use a free email service, such as Yahoo or Gmail (Google) for your email account for survey sites. They have excellent junk filters, plus can handle a lot of mail.

Even legitimate survey directory sites that list survey sites, sometimes list some scammers. That’s one good reason to pick a survey site directory that has a good customer service . If enough users give feedback, the bad guys will be removed from the list.

I have signed up with at least one of these scams. I have never received a survey from them: Only lots of what I consider to be junk mail, because even though I signed up at the site, I didn’t expect to be receiving “special offers” in my inbox every day. I was just expecting to receive surveys.

If a survey site is legitimate, you will not be required to purchase anything or give credit card information (Unless you sign up for one of the large survey directories that charge for membership).

Survey directories maintain a large database of hundreds of sites that pay for surveys. If you join one of these directories, do not sign up for individual sites that ask for credit card information or require you to apply for credit cards, etc. While the offers may be legitimate, it’s best to be safe.

Most of the information listed in these paid directories is available for free on the net. It just saves you some searching time (plus trial and error) to sign up with one of these sites. Obviously, since they are getting paid to furnish information to you, (if they’re smart) the information will be of high quality or you will just get a refund.

Why Some People Think A Survey Site Is A Scam, When It Isn’t

Companies that take surveys use profiles to decide who to invite to take a survey. Sometimes you are invited to take a screening survey to qualify for a real survey. Generally the screening survey does not pay anything, but may enter you in a drawing.

No one (except the companies themselves) know how many active surveys the sites are taking. They do not send all the surveys to every member. They base it on what their customer, (usually a big corporation), wants to survey . For example, they may only want women, men, teenagers, people in certain professions, etc.

They may only want people in a certain income bracket, or ethnicity. Also, the survey could be focused on a particular company. The other day, I was rejected for a survey. I believe this was because the survey was about a particular company that does not do business in my area.

It’s not unusual to wait days, or weeks for the first survey to arrive from a particular site. That’s a good reason to sign up with many sites. It increases you odds of receiving surveys.

Sites I Don’t Like.:

1. : After signing up for this, I have received nothing but “free” offers. The latest one is for an $1100 digital camera. They state that they are not associated with the manufacturer. It makes you wonder what they’re testing. Looking closer into the offer, it turns out that you have to sign up for 6 different offers, getting accepted for credit cards and buying other products. This isn’t free.

2. : They promise to send surveys. I never saw one – Only encouragement to sign up for paid survey directories. This makes me doubt that they even are a professional survey analysis company.

3. The site requires you to sign up for either things you have to pay for or apply for and get approved for credit cards, etc. – just to become a member.

Another site that pelts you with “special offers”. I have absolutely no recollection of signing up with them. I am trying to “unsubscribe”. If it works, I’ll be quite happy.

5. Franklin Surveys

Today, I received an offer to join an online dating service from them. What does this have to do with surveys? I do not recall ever receiving a survey. Just legalized spam.

I will add more as information becomes available.

One Other Thing: Mystery Shopping

A guy I knew did this many years ago – before the Internet existed. He would report back to companies what kind of service there stores were giving, plus even was paid to shoplift! Of course, he didn’t get to keep the products he “stole”. The purpose was to test how good a store’s security measures were working.

Now, there are sites promoting doing this for a living on the Internet. The disturbing thing about some of these sites is that they tell you of a job opening in your area, then want to charge you for the details. This at least smells like a scam.

Go directly to a free list of good sites
One of the good sites is a very well known company (at least in the US) – Neilson Net Ratings. They are the same company that gives TV networks their viewer information. They are not rated the highest (on this site), but they are reputable. All of the companies listed on this site are OK to sign up for.

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Free List Of Sites That Pay You Test Products at Home (Or Answer Questionnaires), Plus Focus Groups

On The Right Is A Free List Of Quality Paid Survey Sites That Pay You To Take Surveys, Join Focus Groups And Test Products

There are many ways to make money on the internet. Some are a total waste of time and / or money.

This one works pretty well for many people. I have tried a number of these professional market research companies and have listed rated the results for you.

Just to make this clear: None of the sites listed on this page charge anything for membership. You just sign up and they send you surveys and sometimes free products to test.

You won’t get rich only registering with these sites, but you will make some extra money, plus – you might enjoy giving your opinion to influence products.

My favorite ones pay in cash, rather than sweepstakes entries. They’re probably my favorites because I have never won a drawing. I suppose if I ever win $50,000 or so, I might change my mind. From what I know, the odds of winning these are much higher than winning the lottery. It’s free – so I give it a try anyway. Why not?

Also, even on the sites that pay cash for surveys, if you don’t qualify for a survey after the short screening questions, usually give you an entry into a drawing.

I just tried this – and it worked: When answering some surveys, I have experienced long delays in loading pages. Some did not load at all. This (obviously) can be very frustrating. To try to solve this problem, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox with a built in Google toolbar. To my amazement, it actually solved the problems I was having! I was using Internet Explorer 6. Now I have a choice and something else to try if I have problems. By the way Firefox looks and works almost identically to Internet Explorer. Click the following link (It’s Free).

I mention some large survey directories on the main page of this site.

I want to let you know about an exciting community on the Internet – SurveySavvy. I’m a member and it offers you a great opportunity to make a difference and earn money at the same time by taking research surveys online. What’s nice is that you can also make money when your friends complete surveys. This site is probably one of the best sites on the net to make some extra money. If you have a lot of friends that may be interested, this has a huge potential. I have only been a member for a short time. One thing I like is that they don’t seem to send a bunch of “special offer” emails like some survey sites do. It’s TOTALLY FREE to sign up!

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